back to school outfit guide: free spirits edition

Yeah, school was not my forte, but fashion, that’s what I was good at doing. Because I always resonated with the free spirit “lifestyle” and their fashion looks, that’s where most of my fashion inspiration came from. So this post is for all you free spirits, “misfits”, and wild child’s out there. Here are my favorite 2021 fall trends for back to school that will fit any mood your feeling this year. Good luck and cheers to kickin ass.

Stay wild,

Bedhead Nomad

fall inspired back to school fashion trends for 2021

Here’s links to what’s pictured:

  1. Guns N Roses T-shirt Dress
  2. Tallulah Sweater Skirt
  3. Crew Neck Sweatshirt
  4. Pull-on Trouser Pant
  5. Corduroy Varsity Jacket
  6. Cow Print Denim Skirt
  7. Corduroy Shirt Jacket
  8. Sublime Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Shop more looks here.

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