Bedhead Nomad Blog: Lifestyle, Travel, and Fashion tips for mean and women in their 20’s. By: Dominique Adams

Welcome to Bedhead Nomad 🌵

Hey! My name is Dominique or Dom for short.

Welcome to my online space.

I began Bedhead Nomad after making a cross country trip from Florida to Portland, Oregon. I was 21 and ready for an adventure or a guide to lead me to my purpose in life. Instead, I learned the biggest and most important lesson of a lifetime; you’re never fully ready for reality until it punches you in the face.

Now, I want to share some of those lessons with you. Enjoy life, take risks and do things every day that make you happy. I hope to bring you some inspiration and laughs in the process.

Life is meant to be experienced. You’re going to fall down a lot (I didn’t believe the real adults when I heard this but it’s true). The moment when you have the strength to get back up, you’ll never be more proud of yourself for fighting. When you’re feeling stuck or uninspired, it’s probably a sign that you are meant to do something more epic than what you are doing right now. Make tons of mistakes because you will, BUT make sure to always learn from them.