My Top 8 Favorite Moments of 2019

My Top 8 Favorite Moments of 2019 - New Year 2020

Crazy to think that an end of a decade is near. 10 years ago today I was a freshman in high school. Now, I’m 25 years old, living in Seattle, and working in Marketing. This was definitely not how I saw my life going, but I’m pretty damn proud of myself for how far I have come.

It wasn’t until I sat down and wrote my list of all the things that has happened this year that I realized 2019 was a year of First for me. Yes, there may have been some extremely tough moments, but that created a vision for what I really want to accomplish in my lifetime.

So, here it is – my top 8 favorite moments of 2019 all wrapped up in one blog post.

“Snow Storm” in Seattle

If you didn’t hear, Seattle hit an epic record for the amount of snow in the city. Even though it wasn’t as much snow as say Canada or New York, it definitely was moment to remember for all of us here in Seattle. Driving on the icy snow was a whole other kind of memory that left me traumatized lol. But it brought out a creative side of the city and a moment of true happiness for everyone.

Seattle "Snow Storm" 2019

Fam in Seattle

This was most definitely my favorite part of 2019. My sister came here for 3 months for an internship and they ended up being the best 3 months ever! It consisted of wilderness adventures, road trips, and dancing in the streets of Capitol Hill. Then, my mom and 2 of my other siblings came up to visit for the first time ever during 4th of July. We drove up to Canada, watched fireworks at Gasworks Park, and they helped me move in to my very own apartment. #mems

First time in Canada

After waiting for what seemed like forever, my sister’s passport finally came in the mail while she was here and literally the next day we took a last minute spontaneous trip to Vancouver, Canada! It’s only a 3 hour drive from Seattle and absolutely scenic as well. We spent the night there and fit in as much as we could in 36 hours. Lesson to take away from this is, go on spontaneous adventures as much as you can. Planning is overrated anyway.

Getting my own Apartment

The proudest and most stressful part of my life I never knew I could accomplish. This moment is and always will be a very special one for me. The process to get here was not easy and there were many tears that were shed and plenty of panic attacks, but it was the biggest lesson I ever learned. If you would like a blog post about it let me know, but just be warned it will be an emotional one.

First time in Bali

A very surreal moment. It was for my stepmom’s 50th birthday and it was one of the best trips we have ever been on together. My cousins, brother, and I were all photographers on the trip so there are tons and tons of photos to share. Stay tuned for this blog post coming in 2020.

Turning 25

Still can’t believe I’m half a century years old. Like wow I’m still living lol and I keep forgetting my age – Perfect! For my birthday, it was the first time I actually celebrated it going out with friends. We had THE BEST TIME. With a new year on my belt, I have new goals that I want to reach and I’m determined to accomplish them.

Making New Friends

Making friends in a new city is bit harder than making friends in school. People aren’t as open-minded or they preferred to stay within their shell with the friends they already have. But, this is something I’m used too. Growing up we moved around a bit and making friends wasn’t something that always came easy to me. But now with my new job came new friends that I have shown me what I have been missing out on for years and I am forever grateful to them!

So 2020, I am ready for you! No resolutions will be made and that is something I decided to stop doing during last year’s New Year. I felt that having a resolution added unnecessary pressure that leaves you disappointed or unaccomplished. And that’s no way to end the year. So I threw that tradition out the window and decided to cheer myself on with every win that comes my way. And that my friend, has changed my whole mindset for the better. I challenge you to do the same for the New Year. It never hurts to spice things up and try something new 🙂 .

Happy 2020! May you crush your goals that bring you an abundance of success.

Stay Wild,

Bedhead Nomad

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