Easy Festival Outfit Looks For 2019

Coachella begins this weekend and guess who’s going?? … NOT ME. Yeah, it’s definitely on my wish list, but really who’s wish list is it not on. RIGHT?!

Even though I’m not going to the most exciting festival of the season, it did inspire me to create easy affordable festival outfit inspirations. If you’re heading off to a festival soon GO BIG OR GO HOME. Amirite or amirite 😉 .

These looks were based around 2 tops that can convert to whatever your mood is for the weekend. This means you now have plenty of room for all your accessories.

Have fun to all that are heading off to Coachella and to those that are not, we can roll around in glitter together.

Stay Wild,
Bedhead Nomad

Stay tuned for festival looks…

Lavender Fringe Paradise

Shop the Look:

Top, Denim (similar), Booties (similar), Glasses

Shop the Look:

Top, Jacket (similar), Shorts (similar), Booties (similar), Glasses

Crop Top Gone Wild

Shop the Look:

Top, Pants (similar), Jacket (similar), Booties (similar), Glasses

Shop the Look:

Top, Denim (similar), Boots (similar), Fanny Pack (similar), Glasses

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