Snow Day in Seattle: Making History

Snow Day in Seattle - 2019

You may have heard on the news, (or not) that Seattle decided to make history happen during the week of Super Bowl Sunday. I like to call this event a Super Bowl miracle because my dreams definitely came true that week.

Generally, in Seattle, the temperature doesn’t drop low enough for the rain to turn into snow BUT for what ever reason the temperature didn’t want to exceed over 32 degrees. Let me tell you, my little body was definitely freezing so I double every clothing I had on, to ensure, this adventure wouldn’t be ruined.

The first time it snowed, we assumed it was gonna be the last because if the the weather was a lot like Portland (which we were told it is) we figured it was only going to last a couple days and then melt away.

That wasn’t the case.

Then, came that Friday afternoon. Looking out the window, I started to notice the snow coming down and it got heavier. And heavier. It did take a bit of time for the snow to stick to the ground but, when it did, the city look absolutely gorgeous. Snow really fits the city well… until you have to drive in it.

Around midnight, when the snow began to really pile up, our neighborhood came stomping through the streets. People were literally walking down the middle of the road because in Seattle, once night time hits, the streets begin to slowly clear. I will never forget this night. I was the best adventure I’ve had in a long while and it’s the kind that I absolutely live for!

The rest of the weekend was nothing but snowed filled shenanigans 😉 . In Seattle, because of the steep hills and intense inclines, even in four wheel drive, people struggle to make it through these roads. And my car is not even close to that. It’s freaking front wheel drive, man. Seriously, we almost couldn’t make it of the grocery store parking lot because of the slushy snow.

Anyway, this basically means most of the city was closed down and if you lived east of the city you probably could barely make it out of your drive way. SOOO, most people walked or even skied, YES SKIED, their way through the city ( check my “Seattle” highlights on Instagram to see what I mean). Seattle really came alive, and it made me fall in love with this place until the icy roads became a problem, lol.

Well, that concludes our little Snow Day here in Seattle! The last time it snowed like this was ten years ago; it was pretty cool to be apart of 2019 Seattle history. Let me know in the comments if it’s snowing where you are OR if you want to snow!

I love you all and I’ll talk to you soon!

Stay Wild,

Bedhead Nomad

P.S. – I really wanted to add this in here, just in case, I forget about this moment. So we live near Gas Works park (which you should defo check out if you ever visit. It has a great view of the city) and if you haven’t been, there’s a huge hill.

Well, since it was snowed over, it was the “spot” to go sledding/ snowboarding. We live near a university so there’s a lot of college students that didn’t have sleds but still wanted the experience. That meant, a lot them got creative…. There was cookie sheets, A LOT of cardboard, floaties, office chair, laundry baskets, storage container lids, and more!

These ideas gave us inspiration for a our own little creations. We took a our small ironing board (from ikea) and wrapped it a few times in saran wrap. Then, we took the wheels off of a skateboard and created two makeshift sleds. It was a great time and we definitely left with some bruises but it was worth it 🙂 .

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