The San Diego Getaway

About a month ago my stepmom invited me on a last minute trip to Southern California. I could never pass up on last minute getaways, they’re my favorite and in my opinion they are the most fun since they’re never fully planned.

This was my first official trip down to SoCal and it wasn’t a layover! The flight was only two hours long but the view flying over San Diego made the flight even better.

I met up with my dad, stepmom, and brother and we stayed at the beautiful MarBrisa Carlsbad Resort which has its own private entrance to Legoland. There are also two other resorts that share the same land so luckily for you as a guest you get to share all the resorts amenities plus your own resorts amenities. Basically, there is no such thing as a bad time there.

I now see why everyone who visits California falls in love with it because it’s absolutely beautiful and picturesque. If you’re planning a getaway down to San Diego or SoCal in general, I hope some of these activities is a helpful guide to your best memories.

Happy Adventure 🙂

Food & Entertainment


Location: Downtown Carlsbad

Cost: $$

Recommendations: Smoked and Cured Fish Board, Seafood Pozole Verde & the S’mores

This restaurant is located in a cute part of downtown Carlsbad that sits in front of a railroad track. Don’t let the sound of the train passing by stop you from reserving a table at this camping themed restaurant. The servers are dressed in flannels, they serve water in a thermos, and you get to roast your own S’mores! How awesome is that. Seriously, if you’re nearby definitely check this place out you won’t be disappointed 🙂 .

Hotel del Coronado

Location: Coronado Island

Cost: $$$$

Recommendation: Brunch (Reservation)

Coronado Island is about 15 minutes from downtown San Diego and is a beautiful drive over the bridge. If there is one place I would recommend you see on your visit to San Diego, it’s this place. This hotel has been around since the 1800s and the beautiful Marilyn Monroe filmed the movie Some Like It Hot right at this beautiful hotel. Even if you are not able to make it to brunch or book a room, just bring a photographer (or don’t lol) and get your Instagram worthy pictures taken here.

George’s At The Cove

Location: La Jolla

Cost: $$

Recommendations: Seasonal Fish Sandwich

If you take the stairs up to the terrace you’ll get a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean to go with your delicious meal. Also, if it’s a beautiful day out you might get to see seals hanging out in the water! Just think of it like dinner with a free show 🙂 . After your meal, you can stroll down Prospect Street and shop around the boutique stores and make your way down to the beach to get a close-up view of the seals for a great photo op!

Noble Experiment

Location: Downtown San Diego

Cost: $$$

Recommendations: Dealer’s Choice (Reservation)

Grab your friends (or even family) and take them out to this speakeasy themed bar. Finding the bar is the best part since it’s inside of a restaurant ( hint: it’s the Neighborhood Restaurant 😉 ). They only serve drinks at this bar so make sure to eat before you go or after! The menu isn’t posted online so it’ll be a mystery until you get there but I do recommend getting the Dealer’s Choice if anything because the bartenders make their own concoctions based on your alcohol preference. Go reserve your table online ASAP!

Activities To Check Out

San Diego Zoo & Balboa Park


Strolling down Oceanside

Drive along Pacific Coast Highway from Carlsbad

Visiting San Diego, California - What To Do and See


The weather was very similar to the Pacific Northwest in that it was breezy and cool especially at night so bring a jacket. But, if your going later in the summer I’m sure that it’ll be a lot hotter with more humidity so cute summer dresses and shorty shorts are a definite must!

Thank you SoCal for showing us an awesome time! I would love to go back and stay a bit longer but for now I’ll keep the memories. And I want to thank my stepmom for setting up the whole trip and inviting me to come.

So go out and have many adventures this summer and don’t forget to document every moment 🙂 .

I love you all and I’ll talk to you soon.

Stay Wild,

Bedhead Nomad

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by any means. I loved California and I would recommend everyone to visit at least once.

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