Meet Kalua Rae: Atlanta’s Up and Coming Jewelry Boutique

Meet Kalua Rae : Atlanta Based Handcrafted Jewelry Boutique

For you ladies and gents that are obsessed with all things jewelry, especially handcrafted jewelry then this post is for you.

I was given an awesome opportunity to interview the Atlanta based jewelry designer behind the minimalist jewelry brand Kalua Rae.

Let’s just say, I basically fell over from all the excitement that I had built up inside me.

She is someone I’ve known for almost seven years now and I can honestly say she is a genuine, hardworking, talented, and beautiful human being.

It is a great honor to be able to interview her.

If you’re not familiar with the jewelry from Kalua Rae, they’re made with the minimalist souls in mind with a hint of boho. To be honest, I’m completely obsessed with her current collection “Constellations” which she will talk about later in this post.

I’ll definitely need to add the Sagittarius star constellation to my jewelry collection!

What is also great about her jewelry is how versatile they are. You can easily dress them up or down depending on your mood for the day and they look even more beautiful layered, which is my favorite way to wear necklaces.

Basically, Kalua Rae is perfect for just about anyone.

I was also granted the title of  Style Influencer for Kalua Rae this month which is a huge honor! All the more reasons to check out their boutique website 😉 .

When I was sent one of her necklaces (pictured above) it came in the most instagram worthy packaging, for all of you that are all about that packaging 🙂 . You can definitely feel the time and love she puts into each one of her orders and that is something that seems rare nowadays.

So with that being said, without further adieu Bedhead Nomad clan, meet Maliyah Mayfield, the talented human behind the beautiful jewelry boutique.


 Bedhead Nomad: Where did you gain inspo for your collection?
Maliyah Mayfield: My inspiration for my February 2018 “Constellation” collection came from the stars! I’m very intrigued by zodiac signs, constellations, and anything that has to do with our galaxy. My constellation necklaces set the foundation of the collection, and everything else fell into place from there. 

Kalua Rae Constellation Collection 2018
BN: What are your favorite materials to use?
MM: My all time favorite materials to use are natural crystals. I love mixing natural elements with dainty jewelry (I love anything gold). Minimalist with a bohemian twist is my thing. 

BN: What’s your favorite piece currently/ overall?
MM: My favorite piece changes almost every other day, but currently I love wearing the galaxy rose necklace’s. I love the three-dimensional look against the delicate chain I chose to use.

BN: Did you always want to create jewelry?
MM: If I could have it my way, I would make jewelry all day everyday! My goal is to make it into a full time business.
BN: Where do you see Kalua Rae heading in the future?
   – Do you plan on expanding Kalua Rae with a clothing line or other accessories?
 MM: In the future I see Kalua Rae having a store front in Georgia, Florida, California, and New York. I chose these locations because of the vibe of my jewelry, and these are the places where my top customers live. I may expand my line to accessories first!

BN:  How and why did you choose the name Kalua Rae?
MM: Originally my line was called Maliyah Rae, but I was starting to not want my full name and face at the forefront of the business. I rebranded my line in May 2017 and called it Kalua Rae. Maliyah (originally spelled Malia) is a Hawaiian name for Mary which is my grandmother’s name who named me. I wanted to keep the Hawaiian element in the name because it flows with my vibe, so I came up with Kalua Rae. Kalua means the second child (I am the middle of two beautiful sisters).
Maliyah Mayfield of Kalua Rae Jewelry
Maliyah Mayfield designer and owner of Kalua Rae wearing the Galaxy Rose necklace.

 If you’re in the Atlanta area Kalua Rae jewelry is sold at Crafted in the Lenox Mall and if you’re lucky you’ll get to see her in person.
Here is a 15% off coupon code “bedhead” to shop on so you too can rock these beautiful pieces.
Show Kalua Rae some love ❤  You can follow their instagram @kaluarae to get updates on their upcoming collections and all things jewelry.
I love you all and I’ll talk to you soon.
Stay Wild,
Bedhead Nomad
What’s your favorite Kalua Rae accessory?

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