7 Ways To Master Patience

7 Ways To Master Patience

Ahhh patience.

This one eight letter word seems like it would be simple to practice but it’s one of the most difficult to master. Very few understand the principles that come with being patient in all aspects of life, whether that be with obtaining your future career or with raising a child.

Trust me, I have yet to fully master patience but for the last three months I’ve vowed to  practice this everyday and not feel discouraged when things don’t go the way I planned.

To many, I come off as a person that is patient to others and to any given situation. To some extent, this is true but this is also the only thing most people will see if they don’t know me personally. You see, I’m actually not that person all of the time especially when I’m around people I’m comfortable with.

I overthink too often, I give myself and others around me way too high of expectations, and if something takes too long, say there’s a project that caught my attention but it doesn’t go the way I planned it would, then I lose interest and move on to something new.

These are all traits that often leave me in a negative state of mind and it consumes my thoughts with doubt that sometimes leads me to a dark place. It took me a year to realize that I can overcome this and that I don’t need to keep drowning myself in this darkness.

As much as this is a reminder to myself, it’s also for all of you that have felt this way or is currently feeling this way, know your definitely not alone. It takes mental strength and time to get yourself there but IT can be done. It’ll bring you inner peace and you’ll see the world in a more positive way.

Practice these acts of patience EVERYDAY. Write them down if you need to and keep it by your side for when you begin to doubt yourself. You’ll thank yourself later when you are in a moment that’s meant to frustrate you but you smile instead.

1. The right thing WILL come when you’re ready

Don’t feel that you need to rush things because from my experience it can lead to disappointment if things don’t turn out the way you planned.

2. Don’t force things to happen

It’ll happen naturally. If you tried all that you can then it’s time for you to step back and save your energy because the moment you step back, what you’ve been waiting for comes to you.

3. Don’t search for love!

Love will ALWAYS find you … always. Enough said lol.

4. Most things in life are not worth wasting your energy

There’s no need to be upset at the little things. Just let it go and go do something that makes you happy instead.

5. Don’t be quick to jump to conclusions OR doubt yourself

There’s always an answer or an explanation for everything even if you don’t receive the answer right away. Sometimes you’re not suppose to know right away because you may not be ready for it but when you are ready you’ll know everything.

6. This doesn’t mean don’t stick up for yourself

If the situation calls for it ALWAYS stick up for yourself. It’s not always about being patient it’s also about having self-respect. You should always have respect for yourself, don’t let anyone treat you otherwise.

7. It helps if you step back from the situation

Take a breath and allow your mind to let go of the idea for a while. Then, when you’re ready you’ll be able to see the situation in more positive light rather than through anger.


I know these all seem simple enough to practice everyday but it’ll amaze you how often people don’t practice this at all or at the bare minimum. If anything, just remember to give yourself a break and don’t be so hard on yourself.

With time, you will get there and you’ll be proud of yourself when you do; you just got to have a little bit of faith.

Talk to you soon beautiful souls.


Stay Wild,

Bedhead Nomad



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