Let’s Help Australia Fight Against Disaster

The wildfires in Australia have grown drastically and is showing minimal signs of slowing down – unfortunately. I have been lucky enough to visit this beautiful country a few years ago and the people that live there. Australia is also where some of my family are and it would be heartbreaking for them to lose there home.

I was wanting to help towards this terribly disaster, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it since I didn’t have very much money to give. So, the other day I came up with the idea to go back to my roots and make a special edition bracelet that when worn, will represent the community that has come together to help contribute to rebuilding from this disaster.

It only costs $5 and 70% of the proceeds will be donated directly to help with the bush fires that are racing across Australia. Thank you, in advance, for coming together and for your contributions.

Stay Wild & With Love,

Bedhead Nomad

Save Australia Bracelet

Save Australia Bracelet

Purchasing this bracelet means you are helping to restore Australia and the wildlife that are in danger. 70% of proceeds will be donated directly to help with the bush fires. The blue represents the bold color of the Australian flag. Made with bamboo cord. Waterproof and lifeproof ** Leave Shipping Address in the notes section**


Other places you can donate to are:








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