22 Things I’m Thankful For

Thanksgiving is two days away and it’s only a month away from being a New Year. Who’s ready for the new year and who’s ready to chow down?!

I’m only ready for one of those *hint hint* – to chow down.

Last year, I created a list of 23 Things I’m Thankful For and I loved it though it did take me some time to create. This year I’m “only” doing 22 Things I’m Thankful For since Thanksgiving is on the 22nd 😉 . I had to sit down with my notebook, my pen in hand and create a list of all the things I’m thankful for. It was easy to think of the first five things on my list but to a think of seventeen others wasn’t so easy.

As much I loooove food, it’s also important to recognized all the good that is present in my  life or any past experiences that I currently appreciate. So I encourage you to create a list of things you are thankful for and it can be anything you want.

Here is the list I created:

  1. My Family. All of them.
  2. My two cats – Mr. Bubz and Missy
  3. Seattle – my new home
  4. The little successes since creating my blog
  5. My new job
  6. The life lessons that have kicked my ass (in a good way of course)
  7. The companies I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with and be ambassadors of.
  8. Pushing myself to do better
  10. A car that is reliable and runs effortlessly
  11. Being able to see my family multiple times a year
  12. New friends that have recently entered my life
  14. Sleeeeeeep
  15. Good Books – currently reading You Are A Badass by Jen ….
  16. The amazing friends I met in Portland
  17. SUSHI
  18. Fluffy Sweaters
  19. My Awesome Immune System
  20. Liquid Eyeliner… duhhhhh
  21. All 4 Seasons that the PNW beautifully displays
  22. The fact that fluffy puppies were created is the best thing I’m grateful for.

I hope everyone has a safe and delicious Thanksgiving and I’ll talk to you soon.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Stay Wild,

Bedhead Nomad

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