Staying Healthy WITHOUT the Gym

Summer is just around the corner which means it’s time for bikinis, cute summer dresses, shorty shorts, and crop tops.


Yes, you want to get the that hot summer bod but NO it doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym six days a week ( cause girl that would be insane 😉 ). In my opinion, it’s not about how many hours you hit the gym that considers you to be a “healthy person” it’s about the foods that you put in your body and how you take care of your body that makes you healthy.

Most people’s picture of a healthy person is someone with flat abs and toned muscles all over. I’m sure that person is healthy but that doesn’t mean you have to look exactly like them. We all have different body shapes that fit who we are, so a “healthy person” can look different on everyone.

Eating healthy with a well balanced diet will naturally reduce your body weight and doing little exercises daily will help define and tone your body features.

I’ve never really been a gym person it’s just not my style of working out and getting healthy. And yes, to those that may ask, I’ve tried the gym multiple times and it just isn’t a motivating place for me.

Honestly, I just prefer nature. I love the fresh air, the different terrains, and it’s free and opened to everyone. Living in the Pacific Northwest it makes it both easy and difficult to love nature because of the different seasonal times but just doing some workouts at home is an awesome alternative.

The current trend all over Instagram and Pinterest is to have a particular type of body shape and to eat a certain way. The most important thing for everyone to know is being healthy is better than killing yourselves for a particular body type that isn’t YOU.

Want to know how I like to stay healthy but without the gym? Keep reading to find out all of my favorite routines that I do daily to remain healthy physically and mentally.

Mini In-Home Workouts

I like to mix up my workouts once I get used to the current routine sets. I choose my workouts from Pinterest but I pick different workouts for each section of my body for a full body workout in about thirty minutes. I like to do this in the morning either while watching tv or listening to music.

20 (3x) – Cross Crunches

20 (3x) – Alternate Heel Touches

20 (3x) – Pulse Ups

60 – Glute Bridges

20 (3x) each side – Clam shells

20 (3x) each side – Donkey kicks

1 min. – Planks (at the beginning and end of workouts)


One or two days out of the week I like to do some cardio whether it’s hiking or running/ walking. This gets your body moving which also allows you to eat more since you’re using up a lot of your energy. Cardio is a great way to build up your metabolism and keep your body lean and toned. On the weekends if there is no rain in the forecast then we usually go for a hike to one of the many waterfalls out here which are usually about 1-3 miles long depending on the hike.

Even a light jog around your neighborhood is great. Doing cardio activities that get your heart rate going and raising your metabolism is the key to building a healthy lifestyle.

Fruits, Veggies & Protein

Incorporate these into your diet as much as you can and for every meal. If you have access to organic fruits, veggies, and proteins that would be better but if not as long as you clean them really good you should be fine. Honestly, I don’t always get organic foods and I feel fine lol so I think you will be alright.

Add foods to your diet like asparagus, broccoli, strawberries, avocados etc. that are nutrient based rather than things like potatoes or corn that are more starch. I don’t do meal plans or anything of that nature. I just fine them boring and not interesting to me but if that’ll make eating healthy easier for you than by all means go for it.

Snack, Snack, & Snack

Snacking on healthy foods is the best way to build up your metabolism. Eating too much of the non-healthy foods aka junk foods will eventually catch up to you. My favorite snacks to eat are trail mix that contain a variety of nuts, any fresh fruit, and strawberry Greek yogurt with bananas and granola. The key to building up your metabolism is to constantly snack throughout the day but in small portions.

Generally, I will have two breakfasts – one that is larger portion usually containing rice, sunny side egg, spinach with some soy sauce. For my second breakfast, I love having strawberry Greek yogurt with bananas and granola (if I have any). Then, I’ll have lunch with a snack after that as well.


Avoid soda and artificial juices as much as possible! Replace them with water since it comes with more positive traits. Drinking water first thing in the morning is 10 times better than coffee since it gets your blood flowing, allowing your body to wake up naturally. Also, drinking water before eating your meals reduces your food intake allowing you to be comfortably full. If you’re not a huge fan of the taste of water than add fresh fruits and veggies to your water to give it flavor rather than the artificial bottles of water flavorings. It’s WAY better!

I’m NOT Vegan, Vegetarian, etc

I’m not against veganism in anyway I just choose not to be one. That doesn’t mean I eat a huge steaks every night! BUT I do like a delicious medium-rare steak every now and then 😉 . I believe in a healthy balanced diet which includes fruits, veggies, meat, protein, grains – basically the food pyramid. Since my mother is Japanese we naturally had veggies in our meals (always) but we also had fish, chicken, or pork to add balance and protein to our meals. Lean fat helps to give you energy without constantly leaving you hungry. Having a positive physical and mental state of mind comes from the foods we allow into our bodies.

Just remember that a “beach body” or a “healthy body” is having beautiful body that you want to take care of whether you have a six pack or not. Eat your fruits and veggies everyday, throw in some protein and you’ll be good to go, my friend.

Also, remember to treat yourself every now and then with your favorite pizza or ice cream. Don’t be so hard on yourself because life’s too short to sweat about how many calories you’ve already eaten for the day.

Be healthy AND happy!

I love you all and I’ll talk to you soon.

Stay Wild,

Bedhead Nomad

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