13 Tips & Tricks For A Smooth Traveling Adventure

Since I’ll be embarking a little journey here in a month, I thought I would share some tips and tricks throughout the month that’ll make your trips a little bit easier.

Traveling will always be my one true love but sometimes like in all relationships there are frustrating moments. Either we are rushing to get to our flights in time or hoping that our flights aren’t delayed, these are things that can be stressful on the day of your trip.

Unfortunately, I’ve had the chance to experience some of the common traveling dilemmas from being on stand-by to having my luggage’s lost. I totally understand the struggle if you guys have been through it also.

It’s definitely not a fun experience that’s for sure but there’s a lot to learn from it.

I’ve been flying on planes for as long as I can remember and I consider the airport to be my happy place so naturally I picked up on some tips and tricks to keep the love alive.

Are you heading on an adventure soon? Well, keep reading for 13 tips and tricks to make for a smoother traveling adventure.

1. Buy your tickets during Monday – Wednesday. Wednesday being the cheapest.
2. Always fly out during the week. Friday and Sunday are usually more expensive.
3. If your going on a round trip flight but can’t afford the full price ticket, buy 2 one way tickets (at separate times if needed) to make saving money a bit easier.
4. Place your liquids from your carry-on in zip-lock bags BEFORE getting to the airport.
5. Things to avoid wearing to make going through TSA easier:
  • Laced shoes – slip on shoes are the best!
  • Watches, Belts
  • Keep your keys, phone, wallet, in carry-on/ purse

*Jewelry like necklaces and rings are OK *

6. Always make sure to get to the airport at least 2 hours before your flight. TSA lines can be unpredictable.
7. Download your airline’s app (if they have one) so you can check into your flight a day before your travels and have your paperless boarding pass with you at all times.
8. If you constantly use the restroom on flights or don’t like climbing over people or vise versa choose the aisle seat.
9. Bring your own pillow, blankets and socks if you get cold easily.
10. Don’t keep all of your travel money in one place. Keep some in your wallet and the rest in a safe place. What ever you do DON’T put it in your checked baggage.
11. When flying solo and you need to go to the restroom on flights, take a small pouch that has your money and important identification (like driver’s license and passports) with you so it doesn’t get taken.
12. If you don’t want to spend money on the over priced water sold at airports, then take an empty water bottle with you and fill it at the water fountain after going through TSA.
13. Bring your own snacks for long domestic flights since most airlines don’t provide meals with your tickets. Some still do provide meals such as Hawaiian Airlines but do your research to make sure for other airlines.

Do you have any travel tips or tricks that wasn’t listed? If so, list them in the comments so I can use them on my next adventure!

Safe travels everyone and I’ll see you soon.

Stay Wild,

Bedhead Nomad