6 Things You Can Do If You Are Easily Distracted

The smallest things can catch my attention and distract me away from my original tasks leaving me behind on the goals that I had planned for myself.

Honestly, guys if it’s one thing I am really great at it’s annoying myself with these little quirks that I don’t realize I do.

You know when you tell your child (or maybe you were that child) to go clean their room and an hour later you go to check on them and they are playing with their toys while their room is still a complete disaster?

Yeah, well that was me as a child.

I wasn’t trying to be defiant or get in trouble I always start out cleaning but since my mind is one that constantly keeps rolling with ideas (and it never stops) I found myself diverting from cleaning to create those ideas.

I ALWAYS got in trouble for that! It’s hilarious now but it wasn’t funny at eight years old.

Who else feels me on this? lol

Now that I’m a lot older I still find myself getting distracted by the little things and it doesn’t help that to most of us, our phones are our “lifeline” and we can’t seem to spend thirty minutes without it.

I’m very guilty of this myself but I’m working on setting aside at least an hour or two of me working on my goals or plans that I want to accomplish that day. Then, at the end of the day I know I have fully devoted to completing one of my many tasks.

So for any of you that needs a little nudge in the right direction here are 6 things you can do if you are easily distracted ๐Ÿ™‚ .

1. Reward yourself AFTER you completed your task

So maybe your tasks is going to take a few hours to do and that is just not up your alley today because it’s Sunday and you feel like lounging around. I totally get it! But say its laundry (ughhhh) that needs to get done. You don’t wanna show up to work naked the next day. Now, my spidey senses are telling me that you should probably wash your laundry that way you can lounge around worry-free after.

2. Set a timer for a specific time to work on your task

This is super important if you can’t last 10 minutes without your phone, television, or a new puzzle you’re obsessed with. If your goal for today is to clean the bathroom or write a five page essay then tackle your goals first, that way you know there is a time limit for how long your task will take.

3. Keep phone in another room

To all that have their phone duct tape to their hands this is for you! If you are easily tempted by this complex piece of technology then it’s best that you keep it on the other side of your house. Then, in order to get your phone you would have to get up from what you were working on just to answer a text.

4. Turn phone completely off then hide it

If idea number three is not enough to keep you away from your phone (or whatever else that keeps you distracted) then we are going to have to take some extreme measures, my friend. Just turn your phone completely off (not on silent, ya sneaky sneaky) and then place it somewhere you wouldn’t think to look for it later like your kitchen draw.

5. Make a daily routine that you stick to

If you don’t need the extreme measures above but just want to keep focused and stay committed then this will be great for you. Write down on a piece of paper or a planner the little tasks that you want to get done everyday and/or at certain times that way you can build a habit that benefits you.

6. Make it the first thing you do in the morning

If your the type that wants to accomplish tasks but you just don’t have the motivation to get you there then this idea may be able to help. Doing a task first thing in the morning I feel is the best because you get it done first thing and won’t have to worry too much throughout your day.

I hope some of these ideas are able to help you if you are easily distracted like moi.

If you have any ideas that you do to keep yourself focused on a task or goal then tell me in the comments so I can try them out.

Well, I love you all and I’ll talk to you soon.

Stay Wild,

Bedhead Nomad


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