A Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope you guys had a beautiful day so far filled with love and happiness.

To our surprise, yesterday decided to snow here in Portland! It was the ultimate Christmas Miracle lol.

Last year towards the beginning of December we had three times this much snow so we were slightly disappointed when the whole East Coast was receiving mountains of snow and all we had in Portland was mega wind.

So sad right?

Probably not to most but it definitely was to me hahaha.

Anyway, after the initial shock of realizing that there was actual white fluff falling out of the sky it was only necessary to go play in it. DUH.

We got all geared up and made our way out the door into the crisp cold wind and snow only to find out that our car was frozen.

It’s the absolute worst (at least for me and I’m sure for many of you) waiting for the ice to melt just enough to make scraping it a little easier. Luckily it only took about ten minutes … this time. I’m just way too impatient for that buuut it also doesn’t help if I go riding around town with iced over windows.

The real question here is how would I even make it around town with those windows lol.

We eventually made it to the park after watching many cars slide their way into their destination. It was quite terrifying to watch honestly but most of them managed.

The park was filled with only a few people and their little furry companions. It was a very peaceful and quiet cold day at the park but it also made for beautiful photos and videos … until my phone died in the middle of the video.

Isn’t technology wonderful?

To end Christmas Eve off with a bang it was a definite MUST to watch The Grinch! I waited all month long for this moment and it was so worth the wait. Once the movie was all over it was off to bed I went.

At 6:15 AM my body decided that it was the perfect time to wake up on Christmas morning. I was actually up at 5 AM instead but I forced myself to sleep a little bit longer because I knew I still had it in me.

I put on my festive Christmas socks and my ugly sweater to celebrate this beautiful holiday. We still had snow on the ground from the day before so you can say we had a white Christmas and it was awesome.

After all the presents were opened I made some cinnamon rolls for breakfast and it wasn’t homemade by the way.

Although, that would have been way better right?

I played with my new Fujifilm Instax mini for a few hours before I began working on the Christmas dinner.

Honestly, I was feeling a bit lazy this year and did not feel like making a huge Christmas feast. Instead I found this recipe on Pinterest for a slow cooker pot roast that I’ve been dying to try so I figured this was the perfect time to do it.

By the way, this pot roast came out pretty close to perfect the only thing I do have to say about it though is that the roast didn’t have much flavor to it so we just added more salt and pepper.

That wasn’t a big deal. Easily fixable! Other than that, the meat came out tender, like falling apart the moment you touch it kind of tender.

It was beautiful to watch.

I cooked it on the high mode rather than the low and it still came out like it has been roasting all day. I’m telling you it’s so worth trying this recipe!

Now that the day is almost over I’m just trying to relax and not think about having to work tomorrow and scraping off the ice from yesterday.

Not. Fun.

Well, I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas or what ever holiday you may celebrate and I’ll talk to you all soon.

What was your favorite holiday memory this year?


Stay Wild,

Bedhead Nomad



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