8 Ways To Get In The Holiday Spirit

There’s only 4 more days till Christmas, people! How insane is that!

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like this year flew by in the blink of an eye?

I’ve been so busy working that I haven’t had time to get in the holiday spirit. For anyone that has worked or is working in retail knows what I mean lol.

I was proud enough to at least have the Christmas tree up in time ( it was the first Sunday of December lol). Then, comes the Christmas shopping. I literally didn’t start shopping until last week.

Thank goodness for Amazon Prime 2-Day Free Shipping  it has saved my shopping crisis! I haven’t had time to join the crazy shoppers at the mall and I LOVE shopping with the crowd except for the lines.

I could totally do without the insane checkout lines.

The Holidays are suppose to be about a relaxing time with family and making memories but why does it have to be crazy stressful too, ya know?

Well, now that the season is nearly over the stress slowly dwindles down and the relaxation can begin. With that I decided that now is the perfect time to slowly ease back into the Holiday Spirit.

Don’t let the craziness of the Holiday’s get you down because that’s not what it is all about.

We are getting in the Holiday Spirit together, guys 🙂 . I even wrote down some things that will help you out so all you would have to do is choose your favorite thing on the list.

Like I said I got your back!

So here you go you beautiful souls 8 Ways To Get In The Holiday Spirit.

1. Watching all of the classic Christmas Movies

2. Baking your favorite cookie recipe (Save some for Santa!)

3. Wear your favorite Christmas Outfits

4. Play your favorite Holiday Music ( Mine’s the Nutcracker song)

5. Have friends/ family over for a game night

6. Take a thermos of hot coco and tour your local town’s Christmas lighting

7. Go ice skating with friends/ family

8. Make DIY ugly Christmas sweaters with friends/ family

If you guys do any of these this weekend tag us on Instagram @bedheadnomad ! We want to see you beautiful souls enjoying the Holidays.

We hope you all have a wonderful Holiday whatever that may be and we will see you very soon.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Stay Wild,

Bedhead Nomad