21 Travel Essentials You Need To Make Your Holiday Easier

The time of year for holiday travel is here people! Going on a well needed holiday away from real life is something we all need often.

As much as traveling is needed in our lives it can also be quite stressful and draining. There needs to be a rule where we get a vacation from our vacation.

Amirite or Amirite?

So here you are you beautiful souls 21 Things You Need for an easier travel for the holidays.

Laundry bags for when you’re too busy having fun on your holiday to do laundry or even fold them.

Kate Spade New York To Wash & To Wear Travel Bag Set, $25

Sea Salt hair mist to keep your sexy natural waves all week long on your tropical getaway.

Herbivore Botanicals  All Natural Sea Mist, $16

Travel 4-n-1 plug adapter for your international adventures.

Flight 001 4-in-1 Adapter, $25

Travel power strip to get all of your devices all charged up on one outlet. There’s no need for you to hog the whole charging station anymore. You’re welcome.

AGPTEK Input Portable Power Strip, $13.99

Toothbrush that looks sleek and modern but also whitens your teeth with the activated charcoal. Now you can enjoy your holiday and know that your smile looks fan-tabulous 😉 .

Morihata Binchotan Activated Charcoal Toothbrush, $16

Weigh your bags before you hit the airport. That’s one less stress you have to worry about. Now what to do about those long lines though?

Tarriss Travel Gear Digital Luggage Scale, $16

Your bag needs a name tag too! No need to have the awkward moment of grabbing the wrong bag. If you do just put it back quickly and hope they weren’t watching.

BAGPATCH Luggage Tags, $8

Camera tripod that bends, stands and is compact. This was hugely popular by youtubers and you can be as cool as them too. Might as well start a YouTube channel while you’re at it.

Joby GorillaPod, $20

Cord organizer. That’s all that needs to be said lol. Seriously I don’t know how I haven’t had this in my life already. I always get so annoyed when my headphones and my charger would get tangled up. It’s just not relaxing.

BROUK & CO Travel Cord Roll, $15

Duffles on duffles on duffles. It never hurts to have a stylish carry-on bag. It’s the absolute worst when you find out that your checked bag didn’t make it to your destination. I know how that feels it’s happened to me a few times. But at least you have your new carry-on bag with your important essentials.

Ban.do The Getaway Mega Blooms Duffle Bag, $54

BLUBOON Canvas Overnight Bag, $55

Ban.do The Getaway Vacation Duffle Bag, $54

This travel makeup bag is pretty handy! You’ll have easier access to all of your products and won’t have to sit in the bathroom digging for ten minutes to find that one product at the bottom of the bag. It’s just annoying ya now?

HOYOFO Travel Makeup Bag, $10

This bag maybe a little pricey BUT if you’re not in first class seats you’ll definitely feel like you are! You’ll have your eye masks to block all the haters away, the cashmere socks to make you feel like a princess, and the facial mists to make you look fresh and make traveling look like a breeze.

Jet&Bo Luxury Amenity Kit, $89

These travel slippers are perfect to carry in your purse or in your stylish new carry-on. Wear them on the plane, if you’re like me and rather take off your shoes for extra comfort. Or even wear them in your hotel if you like having the comfort of slippers.

M Square Cozy Fleece Slippers, $15

This cleansing brush is the perfect travel size brush. Just throw it in your bag and use it in the bathroom whether your on the plane or at a rest stop. No matter what you’ll have a fresh face feeling to keep you looking fabulous all vacation long.

 Clarisonic Mia FIT Sonic Cleansing Brush System, $219

Head pillows are the best! You don’t have to worry about carry a huge bed pillow and you can attach it to your bag so you don’t have to carry it … and then leave it some where. I say it’s a win win here. Also, how cute is this kiwi pillow?!

MDRN Life Neck Pillow, $16

You can’t forget your fur babies! This spacious carrying tote lets your little fur ball feel more comfortable during the stressful traveling process. Also don’t forget the compact bowls that you can fold up and put in your bag.

Jet Sitter Luxury Expandable Pet Carrier, $49

Sunny Beginning Travel Pet Bowl, $7

Water bottles are also a great thing to have when traveling no matter where you go. Even though you can’t have liquid in it going through TSA you can still fill it up after. It saves you from paying $4 at the little shops.

Soma BPA -Free Glass Water Bottles, $30

Face masks are the best mini spas. This one from Biore is a favorite of mine since it’s easy to apply and remove but it also heats up the moment you apply it making you feel relaxed. And since it only takes one minute to sit you can quickly apply it in the bathroom to get rid of that gross grimy feeling of traveling.

Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask, $6

What’s your favorite travel essential you have to have for your relaxing getaway?

I wish you guys safe travels and I’ll be seeing you all soon.

Stay Wild,

Bedhead Nomad


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