How To Wear Dark Lipstick For Fall

I have officially fallen in love with dark lipsticks. I don’t know what took me so looong to get on this trend but I’m so happy I have finally tried it out. When I wrote the 10 Fall Must Haves post I said I was going to try out this trend for myself to give my opinion on the matter and I made sure to make that happen.

I went to Walmart about a couple weekends after posting it and I had the intentions of getting a dark cranberry color. It almost happened except another color caught my eye and for whatever reason I put the cranberry lipstick back on the shelf. I seriously annoy myself when I do that. I really wish I got that color too. Well, guess that cause for another shopping trip 😉 .

Anyway, back to what I was talking about here.

The other color I bought instead was a dark blue by Maybelline COLORsensational in the color Midnight Blue. I almost went for a black lipstick color but then I thought I better not.

I tend to dive right into things without much thought so I’m trying to learn to make better choices. Ya know?

Ugh, the life of adulting.

Well, so after wearing this color a few times I have come to learn a few things that I thought I would share in case any of you have been wanted to try out this trend as well. I say it’s totally worth trying out and like me, you’ll wear it all the time!

Start Slooow

I figured this rule might be a given but if you get overly excited about trying out new things too … well at least I warned you! The one thing I forgot to get was a lip liner so I just had to go for it. I recommend starting in small sections and go slow around the curves of your lips.

Pat Lips With A Tissue

Once you have added your desired amount of lipstick use a tissue to press against your lips to get rid of any excess lipstick. This tip prevents lipstick from getting on your teeth also! It’s the worst when you see a cute guy and your teeth is cover in blue lipstick … and NO ONE tells you.

Powder Your Lips

After patting your lips with a tissue use your everyday face powder and a brush to lightly powder your lips. This tip allows for your lipstick to last longer. Try not to bury the whole brush in powder because you’re definitely not going to have blue lips anymore. Unless, that’s the look you’re going for then by all means! Also, be careful when powdering your lips with a brush because some of the lip color can transfer on to the brush and spread onto the part of your face you didn’t want lipstick to be.

Wear Minimal Makeup

The lips are already a bold look and that’s where you want to draw the attention. I don’t recommend wearing too bold of eye shadow or heavily contouring your face. I feel it looks too over done but a matte foundation, a small amount of blush and bronzer is perfect.


Now that you have your face looking flawless, the next step (at least for me) was figuring out how to wear this look. My favorite go-to outfit is to pair it with a black leather jacket, black or dark washed jeans, and boots.

It may seem too dark for some but I found wearing an all black outfit actually lightens the blue lipstick and makes it look more vibrant. This look is definitely my favorite go-to look for Fall. It has a very chic feel but also looks put together and a little badass if I do say so myself 😉 .

If you try out this look tag @bedheadnomad on Instagram so I can check it out. I would love to see this look on you beautiful people!

Well, until next time you beautiful humans I’ll be seeing you soon.

Stay Wild,

Bedhead Nomad


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