10 Best Scary Movies to Watch This Halloween

During the whole month of October I love binge watching scary movies on Netflix but now since there is also Hulu, Amazon Prime, and iTunes I now have way more options and it just makes me so EXCITED.

Since I am pretty picky on which movies actually scare me half to death, I figured I’ll share some of the ones that do scare me with you …. if you can handle that is (MWAHAHAHA). But, no worries my friend, if you’re also looking for a not so scary movie night in with your favorite people I also threw in a few comedy movies as well.

Halloween is just around the corner. So it’s time to heat up some popcorn, grab your favorite blanket, and binge watch some of the best scary movies ever made.

The Boy (iTunes)

Let me first say if you haven’t seen this and you’re not a big fan of dolls, this is not for you! Basically, there’s a woman who is hired to babysit this doll by the “parents” of the doll because they believe he is real. If you can make it to the end, you’ll find out all of the doll’s dirty secrets.


Hell House LLC. ( on Amazon Prime and iTunes)

The first time I saw this I totally thought it was a real documentary …. it’s not. This movie is a fake documentary about a group of people that tries to turn this house where murders were taken place into a haunted house attraction called Hell House. But over a course of a few weeks while setting up for the huge Halloween attraction, they soon find out the truth behind the house and are being haunted themselves.

Saw Movies – Must Watch All (on Netflix and Hulu)

I’m not going to lie the concept of these movies is insane and crazy but also kind of intriguing. The Saw movies have been around for a while but if you have never seen them here’s why you should at least consider it. It’s about a man who is deathly ill and wants to “clean up” the world before he dies. So he does this by picking specific groups of people that are some how linked together and putting them in gruesome situations where only one if any, try to survive.

Scary Movies ( 2 and 3 are on Netflix)

These movies are classics. I absolutely love them! I couldn’t find the first movie though on any of the streaming networks. Sorry guys! But, the second and third Scary Movies are still just as good. If you haven’t seen them these movies are basically spoofs based on popular scary movies all tied into one movie. So it’s perfect if you’re not a big fan of scary movies but still want the feel of watching one and you get to laugh … a lot.

Final Destination (1 and 2 on iTunes)

If you think you can cheat death think again, my friend. The first two Final Destination movies in my opinion are the best out of the franchise and they’re both available on iTunes! These movies have been around forever as well and are perfect to watch with a group of your friends.


A Haunted House (1 and 2 are on iTunes)

Another spoof movie on the list for those that just don’t dig the whole scary movie scene. A Haunted House is similar to the Scary Movie franchise but they’re making fun of the Paranormal Activity movies instead. Personally, I think the second one is the best just because I cried so much from how funny it was buuuuut I’ll let you guys decide on that.


The Uninvited (on iTunes and Hulu)

This movie makes you want to yell out PLOT TWIST. It’s about a girl that comes back home from the psychiatric hospital after an incident where her mother died in the family boathouse. She assumes her father’s new wife is out to get her but then realizes what really happened the night her mother died.


The Hills Have Eyes (on iTunes)

I literally hide behind my fingers every time I watch any of The Hills Have Eyes movies. They are so creepy but so gooooooood. The first time I watched it I was at a sleep over and of course there was a bunch of us girls screaming the whole time. So, it’s about this abandon mining town in the middle of the desert that used to be the site where the government tested nuclear bombs back in the day. Little did they know, the people that were still there at the time of the testing became deformed and decided to keep their bloodline going by going after tourists that were lead down the “wrong” road.

Demonic (on Netflix)

I stumbled upon this movie when I was trying to find a good movie to add to my list. I didn’t have too high of hopes before watching Demonic but it turned out to be pretty good so you should definitely try it out. It’s about these group of friends that decided to stay the night in an abandon house when one of the girls became possessed and murdered her friends. So into present day, these paranormal team of friends decided to check out the house to see if the story is true … and well, I’ll let you watch the movie to see how it ends.

Last Shift (Netflix)

This was also another movie I didn’t have too big of hopes for either but I’m glad I was proven wrong. It’s about this rookie cop that has to watch over the an old police station for one night by herself. But as the night goes on she comes to find the truth about what happened in that station and the spirits that still linger.


I also just finished watching the latest season of American Horror Story: Roanoke on Netflix. If you are all for being scared out of your pants I give this season a quadruple thumbs up for sure! Definitely my favorite season of theirs by far, so it’s a must watch :). I must warn you though that there is gore so if that’s not up your alley then this probably isn’t for you.

Do you have a favorite scary movie that’s not on the list? What’s yours?

I hope you guys have a scary Halloween!


Stay Wild,

Bedhead Nomad